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This site is aimed at the research community and contains among others:

neuroMod is sponsored by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).

Human Memory Site

This site is aimed at general audience and contains an online memory improvement course (in both English and Dutch) and memory tests such as the Daily News Memory Test (also in English and Dutch), the Yearly News Memory Test (only in Dutch), the Galton-Crovitz test (in English, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Polish, and Portugese), the Favourites Questionnaire (in English and Dutch), the Diary Study (only in Dutch), the Onbekende Gezichtentest (only in Dutch), and the Nationale Geheugentest (only in Dutch). Everybody is invited to take these tests. Special tests will be made available for neurologists and others, who work with amnesia patients.


Walnut is an OpenSource framework for the development of neural network simulations by both beginners and experts. For the Windows platform, we currently also have a browser, called Nutshell, in which neural networks can be visualized and manipulated. Walnut and Nutshell can be downloaded free of charge.


Several courses are presented on neural networks, cognitive neuroscience, and neuropsychology.

You can use Walnut with the free interface Nutshell. Go to the Downloads page to get it.
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